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Mathias Miranda / CC BY 2.0" data-tippy-arrow="false" tabindex="0">iPhoto caption: Teoria. Photo by Mathias Miranda / CC BY 2.0

Making Words Sing

Our world overflows with songs. Many of us live our lives with songs pumping into our ears; we walk, run, drive, fly, work, play, and love to songs.

By James Rolfe / Mar 26, 2018
iPhoto caption: Jordan Cheng in Mr Shi and His Lover. Photo by Simon Ma and Todot

Is Language Music, and Is Music Language?

How universal is language? Is language music, and is music language? How much do I really know about humanity and the human condition?

By Derek Kwan / Nov 15, 2017
iPhoto caption: Richard Willis and Rena Polley in ”I take your hand in mine...” Photo by Miriana Mitrovich

Chekhov, Words, and the Long-Distance Relationship

Actors and writers use words, treasure words, mould words. Words are the clay of their art.

By Richard Willis / Apr 6, 2017