Theatre This Week: May 3 – 9

A collage of all the shows' images. The shows are Helen's Necklace, The Walls, and The Boy in the Moon.

Helen's Necklace

April 25 - May 9

Helen wanders through a Middle Eastern city looking for a lost pearl necklace. In language as shimmering as the strand of pearls itself—its value isn’t what we initially think—Fréchette brings Helen into contact with a series of people, from a friendly taxi driver to a distraught mother and an angrily impassioned man. Helen’s world is irrevocably changed by her search for a trinket.

Presented by Tarragon Theatre in association with PlayME Podcast‘s Laura Mullin and Chris Tolley. For tickets and more information, click here.

The Walls

April 28 - June 30

Walls exist to keep the truth out. A young man is placed in a room without trial, interrogated by mysterious figures as his humanity is stripped away. Argentina’s most fearless writer holds a mirror to state terrorism that still echoes today.

Presented by Soulpepper Theatre Company as a part of Around the World in 80 PlaysFor tickets and more information, click here.

The Boy in the Moon

May 6 - May 9

Based on Canadian journalist Ian Brown’s memoir of life with his son, The Boy in the Moon tells a deeply moving story about a family’s struggle to raise a child with a severe disability.

Ian and Johanna Schneller’s son Walker was born with a rare genetic disorder, Cardiofaciocutaneous (CFC) syndrome. It made him unable to talk, eat properly, or take care of himself. The family must face complex issues most of us do our very best to avoid. They say things which in other contexts might seem unforgivable but here are brave and critically necessary.

Presented by The Cultch and Neworld Theatre. For tickets and more information, click here.

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