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Fringe Festival Guide: The Experimental and Avant-Garde

iPhoto caption: Julianna Romanyk, one of the artists in this year's Fringe Festival. Photo by Tanja Tiziana
/ Jul 4, 2017


The Experimental and Avant-Garde

32 SHORT SKETCHES ABOUT BEES, Clear Glass Productions

It started out as a bet: can they do thirty-two comedy sketches about bees (from honey bees to the letter B to Bea Arthur) in sixty minutes? Let’s see if they can!

4:48 PSYCHOSIS, by Sarah Kane, Theatre by the River

“It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind.” A beautiful piece from a writer struggling at the depths of depression to realize a play brimming with life.

ABOUT TIME, The Templeton Philharmonic

Synchronize your watches. Award-winning sketch comedy duo the Templeton Philharmonic will take you on a darkly comedic odyssey through the ages, poking fun at humanity’s foibles throughout history.

BUTT KAPINSKI, by Deanna Fleysher, Kapinski Enterprises

Think it’s a solo show? Think again. A new kind of comedy when you think you’ve seen it all. Private Eye Butt Kapinski invites you to co-star in a murder mystery, and it’s a worldwide sensation!


“One of Canada’s most talented wordsmiths.” Mona Morse travels through South Africa and through time. A multimedia meditation on predator and prey and the creatures within.  

IN SUNDRY LANGUAGES, Toronto Laboratory Theatre

A multilingual cast weaves together a series of comic vignettes about immigration, accents, language learning, and what you really mean when you ask “Where are you from?”

JAMES & JAMESY IN THE DARK, by James & Jamesy, Life & Depth

Masterful British comedians James & Jamesy return with a remarkable feat of theatrical ingenuity—a daring, hilarious, and exquisitely choreographed comedy performed… in the dark.

THE MOANING YONI, by Joylyn Secunda

Thrust into a Yoni Healing Circle, Zoe opens her sacral chakra and an unexpected character emerges. An absurd solo comedy about sex, identity, and New Age ideas. Tune into the vaginal vibration.

MULTIPLE ORGANISM, by Mind of a Snail Puppet Co.

A gender and genre bending surrealist comedy for adults: live projections, puppetry, and an original musical score. Use your invagination!

SHADOWLANDS, by Savanna Harvey, Pretentious Productions

Cells in a petri dish. A scientist. A ghost. A laboratory mouse. We are on a journey to see what can’t be seen. We are on a quest to find truth in the dark.  

SHOW YOUR FLAMES, by Devin Sanclemente

A Bo Burham warrior riding a David Lynch-ian tiger into all-out war. A theatrical typhoon blending choreography and spoken word to a dada sound score.

WEIRDER THOU ART, by Ardyth Johnson, Physically Speaking

Three bouffon women (if you want to call them that) put the weird in the Wyrd sisters. The bouffon search for humanity brings a reluctant William Shakespeare on a journey from a living hell to acceptance.

WHAT I HAVEN’T SAID, Tides & Tales

A moving, heart-warming, playful ensemble that improvises through scores of moments where hiding behind “what I haven’t said” is no longer an option.

The Toronto Fringe Festival is on from July 5 to July 16 at locations around the city.

For tickets or more information on shows, click here


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