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Fringe Festival Guide: Immigration and Intercultural Tales

iPhoto caption: Ryan G Hinds, one of the artists in this year's Fringe Festival. Photo by Tanja Tiziana
/ Jul 4, 2017


Immigration and Intercultural Tales

ALONE IN THIS TOGETHER, Not Oasis Productions

Sometimes this harsh world can make you feel all alone, but at least we’re alone in this together. Sketch comedy troupe Not Oasis leaves no stone unturned in this delightfully dark revue.

THE DOOR, Saye Theatre

The dilemma of the correctness of two women who are set to leave their homeland for Canada. A unique experience if you are interested in knowing other cultures.

GREY, by Chantal Forde, Three Five Productions

It has been twelve years since his son’s murder and now Charlie Alexander must face the killer on the day of his parole hearing. As the circumstances that lead to the crime begin to unravel, it is clear that not everything is black and white.

HANDS DOWN, by Warren P. Sonoda, Shoot Good Films Inc

As four contestants hunker down to win a vehicle, truths, secrets, and an occasional supernatural power are revealed that jeopardize each of them from winning. A twisted comedy about ambition, endurance, and finding out what really matters… after holding onto a car for one hundred hours.

IN SUNDRY LANGUAGES, Toronto Laboratory Theatre

A multilingual cast weaves together a series of comic vignettes about immigration, accents, language learning, and what you really mean when you ask “Where are you from?”


Meet Kitt, lone astronaut, age ninety-six, protecting the last of humankind. Imagine Ridley Scott’s Aliens meets Golden Girls.

LANTERN TALES FROM THE OTTAWA VALLEY, by Norman Perrin, Tales from the Four Winds

With his penny whistle and a mug of tea always at hand, Norman’s tales stretch the imagination and take the listener on a journey through a mythical Ottawa Valley landscape.


A celebration of women for everything they are and everything they do. This collective creation was inspired by the ways and places women have gathered to discuss politics, share stories, and nourish one another throughout history.


In the 1950s, a Toronto neighbourhood of immigrant communities was wiped off the map in order to make way for a new City Hall. This is an attempt to compress impressions of The Ward into fifty-five minutes of theatre.


Join Vasily Djokavich, Russia’s #1 state-approved comedian, as he embarks on a cultural exchange of America.

WANTED, by Mélanie Raymond and Sue Morrison, Guayoyo Creative Collective

A simple and touching story about losses and emptiness. Here, humor is not about gags, but about the beauty of our own ridiculousness, our humanity.

WHAT I HAVEN’T SAID, Tides & Tales

A moving, heart-warming, playful ensemble that improvises through scores of moments where hiding behind “what I haven’t said” is no longer an option.

The Toronto Fringe Festival is on from July 5 to July 16 at locations around the city.

For tickets or more information on shows, click here


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