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Fringe Festival Guide: Millennial Stories

iPhoto caption: Ryan G Hinds, one of the artists in this year's Fringe Festival. Photo by Tanja Tiziana
/ Jul 4, 2017



BECOMING ME, by Aubrey Rothman & Stacy Collins, Something In the Six Theatre Company

A verbally abusive parent, a therapist trying to help & friends who just don’t seem to understand. Andrew is torn between his potential and his past.


Newly-single Caitlin and Eric walk into a bedroom… and go on a painfully funny rebound to look back on their past relationships. #CEBrokenUp

CHAD MALLETT, by Matt Folliott and Ted Hallett, Toronto Improvised Theatre

An improvised comedy show about two best friends on vacation and the parade of oddballs, a-holes, and idiots they meet along the way.

CONTAGIOUS, by Valentyn Korotkevych, Tragical Fun

What unites a businesswoman and a teenage graduate? Unexplored passion, while trying to fit social realm. What if they are neighbours next door, who unintentionally change each other’s life.

KARA SEVDA, by Lisa VillaMil, Now What Theatre

Celia and Rhys are waiting for the train. The last train that will ever run from Paris to Rome. But so are thousands of others, and the lottery has yet to begin.

MADELEINE SAYS SORRY, by Madeleine Brown, Prairie Fire, Please

When failed actor, Madeleine, kidnaps a beloved dog she is quickly alienated from society. As a result, she must attend apology rehab to make amends with the animal—perhaps her greatest challenge yet.

MEANT, by Kyrah Harder, Under Pressure Productions

Meant is a story of two people and the fates that bring them together… or pull them apart. A dark comedy with music created by Toronto’s newest theatre makers.

THE MOANING YONI, by Joylyn Secunda

Thrust into a Yoni Healing Circle, Zoe opens her sacral chakra and an unexpected character emerges. An absurd solo comedy about sex, identity, and New Age ideas. Tune into the vaginal vibration.

NOT GOOD, by James MartEntz

Have you ever wanted to be inside the head of an actor? Follow the hilarious, arduous tale of the undiscovered. Daniel Entz is… Not Good.

PERFECT COUPLES, by Mitchell Janiak, Pencil Kit Productions

Four couples navigate the impact of mental illness on their community as Valencia unravels in the wake of trauma. Equally witty and dark, Perfect Couples captures young adulthood, domestic struggle, and mental health with evocative insight.


Do you feel lonely and wish you had a friend? Just talk to your pillow! This sketch comedy show is the conversation you didn’t know you were missing. We’ll also be your friend. If you come to the show. Please come to our show.

SHOW YOUR FLAMES, by Devin Sanclemente

A Bo Burnham warrior riding a David Lynch-ian tiger into all-out war. A theatrical typhoon blending choreography and spoken word to a dada sound score.

The Toronto Fringe Festival is on from July 5 to July 16 at locations around the city.

For tickets or more information on shows, click here


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