Frances Koncan’s Space Girl streams through Prairie Theatre Exchange in January

Photo by Joey Senft.

A new digital film of Frances Koncan’s play Space Girl will stream through Prairie Theatre Exchange (PTE) in January.

The PTE commission was specifically created for the company, and had its live performance debut in March of this year. The whimsical, satirical story follows Lyra, a social media influencer who lives on the moon. When Lyra crash-lands on Earth, she begins an epic journey to find her way home, aided by a quirky group of new acquaintances, including an ex-Hollywood star who now works as a farmer in Manitoba.

Krista Jackson directed the world premiere, which features actors Brynn Godenir, Daina Leitold, and Justin Otto. Ice River Films translated the stage play to film.

“I always believed that the great tragedies and comedies of our time would play out on social media,” Koncan said in a media release, adding that she found inspiration from Elon Musk’s takeover of X (formerly Twitter), as well as the “billionaire space race” between Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Richard Branson.

“I mean, the environment was dying,” she continued. “Wars were waging, people were starving, and pandemics were raging. But for the wealthy elite, there seemed to be no questions about how to save the planet, only questions about how to colonize a new one. And that was kind of cringe…I thought someone should write a play about it.”

Space Girl will be available for streaming through PTE from January 17-28. Tickets range from $20 for an individual to $35 for a household, with student tickets set at $10. 

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