This Season at Crow’s, There’s Something for Everyone

Crow’s Theatre in Toronto is the first not-for-profit theatre company in the city (and among the first in Canada!) to invite audiences back into the physical space. 

On August 31, Crow’s announced an expansive upcoming season (Musicals! Digital theatre! French! English! Shakespeare!). Well — really two seasons: an in-person season of groundbreaking new works and a parallel, digital season for those not yet ready to return to the nest. Some pieces are live only, some are digital only, and some are available in whichever form you’d prefer: this season at Crow’s is here to address “the now,” wherever audiences may choose to listen.

Crow’s in-person season features inventive new work from across Canada. IMAGE: Crow’s Theatre.

For those planning on heading to the theatre at Carlaw and Dundas, rest assured: an impressive number of precautionary measures have been taken to protect artists and audiences alike. From enforced masking to extra sanitation requirements to mandatory vaccination for all onsite (a measure Crow’s was among the first in the city to implement), Crow’s is as ready as can be to welcome audiences back into the theatre.

Even better: Crow’s isn’t just welcoming audiences back. The company is making targeted space for young audiences with the new Under 30 program, an initiative that promises $20 tickets to anyone aged thirty and under. Plus, if you sign up now, you’re able to receive a special code for $10 tickets to previews of the company’s first show of the season, As You Like It. You can sign up for the Under 30 program here.

Additionally, anyone can purchase season subscriptions at a 30% discount on regular ticket prices — a great deal for those as excited by the Crow’s season announcement as we are.

(And for those familiar with Crow’s arts worker promotion, fret not: arts workers over the age of thirty across the city can still purchase live tickets at the discounted price of $25.)

Crow’s parallel digital season spans genres and identities, featuring some crossover with the company’s in-person season but offering unique online viewing experiences, too. IMAGE: Crow’s Theatre.

Crow’s jumps back into in-person performance with lauded Indigenous playwright Cliff Cardinal’s “radical retelling” of Shakespeare’s As You Like It on September 22nd. Hot on its heels on the 23rd comes Garden of Vanished Pleasures, part of Soundstreams’ 2021 Digital Residency at Crow’s Theatre and the first in Crow’s parallel digital season. These pieces kick off an inventive, fiercely contemporary season of work: just what we’ve come to expect from one of Toronto’s most beloved theatre companies.

You can read more about Crow’s season announcement (as well as a few words from Chris Abraham, Artistic Director, and Sherrie Johnson, Executive Director) here, and you can check out the thrilling season trailer here!

You can tag Crow’s (@crowstheatre) with the hashtags #CrowsTheatre2122 and #ReturnToTheNest.

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