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Toronto Fringe Festival Announces 2020 Fringe Collective Programming

iPhoto caption: Photo courtesy of Toronto Fringe
/By / Jun 17, 2020

Over 70 listings are available in the Toronto Fringe’s Fringe Collective programming. Running from July 1-12, audiences will be able to access four Acts of content from more than 50 companies that were originally to present at the Toronto Fringe Festival.

Audiences can access the content after paying by the “Tip-What-You-Can” suggestion for the 3-day Acts individually, or by buying the Fringe Collective Membership for $100 to access all four Acts as they become available every 72 hours. The membership also includes member benefits and giveaways.

The much-loved POSTSCRIPT Live Patio will take the form of the POSTSCRIPT Live(Stream), a laid-back party in the spirit of the Fringe on the Toronto Fringe Facebook page. The company’s Facebook page will also host a “special digital storytelling event” for kids on July 11 at 3:00 PM.

“When I saw the program of what The Collective has put together I was amazed. It was almost like looking at a regular Fringe Program Guide,” says Executive Director, Lucy Eveleigh, “The amount of work that has gone into this, both behind the scenes with the Fringe team and the artists themselves is astounding. It really amplifies how resilient Fringe is and how despite everything there is hope to be found over these 12 days.”

Below is a complete listing of the Fringe Collective’s four Acts and the planned POSTSCRIPT Live(Stream) dates.

ACT 1, JULY 1-3

Birth of a Song, (video, short film)
Chaos & Light

Whose Vagina Is It, Really? (video, trailer/short film)
Chocolate Dollz Production

Babel-o-drome NUGEN 1, (video, multilingual multimedia event)
Collectif BUS 1.2.3

Back to Summerland, (video, short film/documentary)
Edge of Sky

Jay & Shilo: Phrantic Phone Call, (video, musical theatre)
Goldenberg Productions

Virginia & Vita, (video, short film)
Indigo Orange Productions

Absolute Magic: A Choose Your Own Magic Show, (video, magic show)
Keith Brown

Who Killed Gertrude Crump? (audio, radio play)
Monster Theatre

The Suicide Key, (written, short story)
Pitchin’ In Productions

Valley Playwright Mentoring, (audio, radio play)
Piti Theatre Company

COVEN: THE CALL: A Burlesque Mystery Prequel, (video, narrative telephone)
Pointed Cap Playhouse

Medium Hot Coffee Black; Just Like My Soul, (video, solo show)
Reverie Theatre

Things Dead People Say, (video, short film)
Ruffman Entertainment Inc.

King Lear…A (Self-Isolating) Puppet Epic! (video, performance)
Shakey-Shake and Friends

Virtually Accessible I, (video, dance solos)
Virtually Accessible

Be Still, (audio, song)
Winged River Productions

ACT 2, JULY 4-6

Yes, Venus, I Am. (written, work-in-progress)
Bad Crew Theatre

The Crack of Doom! Or: How I Learned To Love The Meteor, (video, music video)

My Life Over The Years Standup Comedy Show, (video, performance video)
Belcourt Productions

Superschool! A New Musical, (video, music video)
Bravo Academy for the Performing Arts

These things…build up over time. (audio, podcast)
Convection Productions

Thea’s Zoom Adventure, (video, skits)
Deaf Spirit Theatre

Lifers, (video, short film)
Frog in Hand

COMEDY EXPRESS – Live At The Comedy Nest, (video, solo show)
July 19th Productions

Sarah/Frank, (audio, audio play)
Minmar Gaslight Productions

Mother of the Year: A Pandemic Preview! (video, songs/solo show)
Missy Peppers Presents

Jeff Newman: #MAGIC, (video, magic show)
Newman Mentalism

Milk, (video, visual monologue)
Piss & Vinegar Theatre Collective

To Bee or Not to Bee, (audio, interactive)
Piti Theatre Company

A Perfect Bowl of Pho, (video, performance)
Send Noods Productions

On The Funny SIde, (video, stand-up/solo show)
Spoon Fulla Sugar

Healing the World, (video, performance)
Ulterior Design

No Place, (video, short dance film)
Von Hunt Productions

Where We Are, (video, interactive storytelling)
Windsor Feminist Theatre

ACT 3, JULY 7-9

The Cage, (video, video performance)
3 Little Bears Productions

Dance Medley of Styles Dance Show, (video, dance video)
Belcourt Productions

Whose Vagina Is It, Really?: Uncensored, (written, script)
Chocolate Dollz Productions

Babel-o-drome NUGEN 2, (video, multimedia multilingual event)
Collectif BUS 1.2.3

Out of the Impossible, (video, drama)
Decapod Media

Fine…and other lies, (video, song/circus-arts)
Fuzzhead Productions

Burned, (video, short films)
Hope Theatre Company

Inside Outlet: A Show of Objects, (video, puppetry/comedy/weird)
Mind of a Snail Puppet Co. 

TOGETHER ALONE, (video, short film – dramatic comedy)
New Story Productions

Back and Forth: In Concert, (video, performance)
Nightjan Productions

NeverWonder, (video, songs/performance)
Phat Tracks Peformance

Sammy and “Le Grand Buffet”, (video, interactive)
Piti Theatre Company

“Margarita” from a Quarantined Mexican Collective, (video, short film/poem/art/collective)
Producciones De Cabeza

Under Pressure – Quaranteen Edition, (video, sketch comedy)
Sandcastle Theatre

Four-Letter Word, (video, voice over poem)
Spoon Fulla Sugar

All Tied Up, (audio, binaurial audio theatre)
Virtually Accessible

ACT 4, JULY 10-12

CHEAP BEER AT THE END OF THE WORLD: A Practical Primer for Living in a Society, (video, recorded performance)
Bad Crew Theatre

CHEAP BEER AT THE END OF THE WORLD, (written, script download)
Bad Crew Theatre

Wendy Belcourt ‘Voluptuous’ Pop Album Show, (video, songs/dance/comedy)
Belcourt Productions

Statistics, (video, performance)
Ember Island Players

Project Cat’s Away, (written, story/activity pages)
Fuzzhead Productions

9428, (video, sketch/short film/adventure)
Goussan Theatre Company

COMEDY EXPRESS – Reverend Betty Hynn, (video, solo show)
July 19th Productions

DAY 55, (video, clown/short film)
Katherine Cappellacci

wikiHow NOW, (video, clown-sourced)
L’Arche Toronto Sol Express

1000 Things in a Virus’ Dream, (video, video art/social practice/performance art)
Other He/Arts

Hawaii 5G, (audio, podcast)
Piti Theatre Company

A Collection of Thoughts, (video, short film)
Rapley Dance Projects

Critically Acclaimed Radio Play, (video, audio play)
SiriuslyZiggy Productions

Dear Ally, (video, documentary)
Spoon Fulla Sugar

3Peat Beat: A World Premiere, (video, short film)
The Street Fighter Collective

TiBert le Voyageur, (audio, audio story)
TiBert inc.

Spring Awakening – It Is The Cause, (video, staged play)
Virtually Accessible


June 30, 8:30 PM: Launch Party

July 4, 8:30 PM: Patio Vibes

July 7, 8:30 PM: Stories From The Fringe

July 10, 8:30 PM: So You Think You Can Fringe?

July 12, 3:00 PM: 30-Second Pitches

For more information on the collective, click here. To see the full program, click here. 

Mae Smith

Mae Smith

Mae Smith is a former associate editor for Intermission Magazine. She is a lighting designer, props builder, stagehand, and sometimes-critic. Outside of theatre, she is a crafter and a Pisces.



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