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News Announcement: Julius Caesar

iPhoto caption: Photos by Dahlia Katz.
/By / Dec 18, 2019

Groundling Theatre/Crow’s Theatre’s Julius Caesar has been extended.

An urgently contemporary spin on a classic story of violence, power, and corruption, Groundling Theatre Company and Crow’s Theatre bring together a dynamite team for this production of Julius Caesar. In the most powerful state on earth, a group of educated elites conspire against their leader, alarmed at their leader’s populist, authoritarian reforms. After the assassination, a civil war ensues. Revolutionaries, politicians, and even ghosts struggle with what they’ve done as well as what’s now in store for the future of their republic.

Directed by Chris Abraham with assistant director Rouvan Silogix, set and lighting design by Lorenzo Savoini, Laura Delchiaro as head of wardrobe, Lisa Nighswander as head of props, sound design by Thomas Ryder Payne, costume design by Ming Wong, and with stage manager Melissa Rood. This production will have long-time collaborator Zack Russell as co-adapter and writer of the text.

The Cast:

  • Graham Abbey (Coriolanus, Robert Lepage)
  • Sarah Afful (Macbeth, Stratford)
  • Walter Borden (Lillies, Buddies in Bad Times)
  • Ryan Cunningham (King Lear, NAC)
  • Michelle Giroux (Othello, Stratford)
  • Dion Johnstone (King Lear, Broadway)
  • Jani Lauzon (Almighty Voice and His Wife, Soulpepper)
  • Diego Matamoros (August: Osage County, Soulpepper)
  • Jim Mezon (King Lear, Groundling Theatre)
  • Moya O’Connell (Coriolanus, Bard on the Beach)
  • André Sills (Coriolanus, Stratford)

This production is presented by Groundling Theatre Company in association with Crow’s Theatre. Julius Caesar starts on January 7 with opening night on January 10. It has been extended to February 2, 2020, at Streetcar Crowsnest in the Guloien Theatre. For more information click here.

The cast of Julius Caesar answer the following question:

Why is Julius Caesar so relevant to you/in today’s world?

Moya O'Connell

"I am really looking forward to the tent scene between Brutus and Cassius. Along, one of my favourite scenes in Shakespeare, I am excited to act opposite Dion, an actor I have admired for years."

Dion Johnstone

"I'm excited to be in the room with this creative team and this particular group of actors with Chris Abraham at the helm. I'm excited to see how these ideas and these characters come to life through these people. The politics of our time continues to resonate in the themes of the play. The question of whether or not democracy (as we currently have it) can continue to serve the needs of the people or if it destined to make way for another model altogether."

André Sills

"For me, it comes down to what makes a good leader. And do those true and moral people exist?"

Diego Matamoros

"'Tell thy story...' This is a line from PERICLES, a play Shakespeare wrote (most likely co-wrote) and that for me sits at the center of what I do as an actor. Narrative or no narrative we are always telling a story. Shakespeare's story, our story, and all at the same time…. It is real and yet a dream, modern, contemporary to 2020, and yet ancient."

Ryan Cunningham

"How this will be interpreted through a modern lens."

Mariam Ahmed

Mariam Ahmed

Mariam is Associate Editor at Intermission. Mariam earned her Honours BA in English literature from York University and recently completed a Graduate Certificate program from Centennial College in Book and Magazine Publishing. When she's not busy reading books and plays, she takes pictures of books for her "Bookstagram", watches as many movies and shows as she can, and is a self-proclaimed Chocoholic.



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