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Casting Announcement: The Company Theatre and David Mirvish’s Things I Know to be True

The cast of Things I Know to be True. Clockwise from the top left: Tom McCamus, Seana McKenna, Alanna Bale, Merlin Simard, Daniel Maslany, andChristine Horne,
/By / Sep 28, 2022

The Company Theatre (TCT), one of Toronto’s most acclaimed independent theatre companies, is back.

After announcing their next major production following the award-winning Jerusalem collab with Outside the March, in partnership with Mirvish Productions in February of 2020, The Company Theatre has held onto the show to bring it to Toronto audiences, directed by Artistic Director Philip Riccio.

Now, after two long years, The Company Theatre is proud to present the Canadian premiere of Andrew Bovell’s acclaimed Australian family drama, Things I Know to be True.

A poignant family drama, Things I Know to be True is the story of a year in the life of the Prices, a seemingly typical modern suburban family. Bob, an assembly line worker at a car factory, and Fran, a registered nurse, struggled to raise their four children — Rosie, Pip, Ben, and Mia. Now in their sixties, with their children grown, the couple is looking forward to their retirement years.

But a parent’s job is never finished, and as the seasons change, Bob and Fran find themselves guiding and supporting their children as they each face life-altering changes that shake the foundation of the once-stable family home.

Things I Know to be True stars Canadian legends of the stage Tom McCamus (Stratford Festival; Shaw Festival; King Lear, and Queen Goneril, Soulpepper) and Seana McKenna (Stratford Festival; Yaga, Tarragon Theatre; Lear, Groundling Theatre) as Bob and Fran, the ageing parents of the Price family.

Rounding out the cast in the roles of the Price children are Alanna Bale (Cardinal, CTV; Sort Of, HBO Max/ CTV), Christine Horne (Light, Tarragon; Prince Hamlet, Why Not Theatre; Belleville, TCT), Daniel Maslany (Murdoch Mysteries and Essex County, CBC) and Merlin Simard (Trojan Girls & The Outhouse of Atreus, OtM/Factory).

The production, stage managed by Michael Sinclair, features set design by Shannon Lea Doyle, lighting design by Nick Blais, costume design by Ming Wong, and sound design by Deanna Choi.

The production will play February 1–19, 2023 at Mirvish Production’s CAA Theatre. Things I Know to be True is the second show in the 2022–23 Off-Mirvish season: tickets go on sale Saturday, October 1 2022 at

The cast of Things I Know to be True answer the question: “What is one thing you know to be true?”

Tom McCamus - Bob


I love my wife.

Seana McKenna - Fran


That you are reading this – or having it read to you – right now.

Alanna Bale - Rosie


I may be too critical, but every time I think of something that I believe to be true, even for a second, the rational/ pragmatic part of my brain bops it down like a game of Whac-A-Mole. BUT I feel like I need to mention something true... so here it is: peanut butter transcends all categories and is both savoury and sweet.

Christine Horne - Pip


Eating usually helps.

Daniel Maslany - Ben


One thing I know to be true is that I will never truly know enough things.

Merlin Simard - Mia


That trans girls & trans femmes are SO sacred and magic, that they are infinitely deserving of love, protection, and rest!

Jessica Watson

Jessica Watson

Jessica is a former associate editor at Intermission, as well as a writer, classically-trained actor, and plant enthusiast. Since graduating from LAMDA in the UK with her MA in acting, you can often find her writing screenplays and short plays in the park, writing extensive lists of plant care tips, or working on stage and screen (though she uses a stage name). Jessica freelances with various companies across Canada, but her passion lies in working with theatre artists and enthusiasts.



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