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Hot Off the Press: The Supine Cobbler

and Animals

/ Mar 2, 2017

Reading plays is not only for actors who need monologues for auditions or for producers in search of their next show. It’s for theatre lovers who can’t get out to the theatre, or who’ve heard about a play that’s not being presented in their city, or who want to return to a story they loved watching unfold on stage. It’s for anyone who feels like they don’t have the time to read novels, or who skim over the long descriptions in novels to get to the dialogue. Reading plays is for anyone who likes to read.

Coach House Books has two new books on the shelves: The Supine Cobbler, by Jill Connell, and Animals, a book of two plays—Crawlspace and All the Little Animals I Have Eaten—by Karen Hines.


About the Play 

A contemporary clinical abortion in the spirit of a Western. The Doctor introduces the gang: the Supine Cobbler (wanted), her estranged sister (dead by hanging), her former best friend (missing, presumed dead), and her apprentice (a turncoat). Together they negotiate integrity in a lawless world. The Supine Cobbler is an unsentimental legend and a true story. It is a hero myth for girls. 

About the Playwright

Jill Connell is a playwright, director, and producer and a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada. She lives in Toronto.


About the Plays 

Crawlspace is a comic, Kafkaesque-monologue about the darker side of home ownership that moves past ‘cautionary’ as it snakes through the brutal battleground of Toronto real estate, decorative twig orbs, and the state of the human soul.

All the Little Animals I Have Eaten explores questions surrounding existence, death, and salvation through the perspectives of one sleep-deprived young woman, the ghosts of brilliant authors, some well-heeled professionals, meth-curious lambs, a puppet in a beatnik onesie, tiny vertebrates, glowing arthropods, and other unexpected voices.

About the Playwright

Karen Hines is an internationally celebrated and awarded playwright, director, and actor. She lives in Calgary.

The Supine Cobbler was originally produced in a now-demolished industrial space in 2015.

For more information, or to purchase the play, click here

Crawlspace was first produced at Videofag in 2015, and is being brought to Soulpepper this March.

For more information, or to purchase the play, click here


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