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The Flip Side: Cursed Children and Lucky Londoners

/By / May 31, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, let the countdown begin.

In one week the long-anticipated Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will begin previews at the Palace Theatre London, enriching the lives of Harry Potter fans, human beings in general, and the English-language theatre canon. According to the The Stage, producers are seeking permission from Westminster City Council to alter the façade of the theatre to create a Hogwarts-like building, furthering my already all-consuming desire to get to London and see the show. Unfortunately, tickets are nearly impossible to get, though a friend of mine who has tickets booked for April 2017—take a moment to note, she booked them when they first went on sale—told me that if anything befalls her boyfriend, I can have his ticket. Not that I wish him ill will or anything…

Anyway, those lucky enough to attend are without a doubt in for a treat. In the meantime, for the rest of us, Timeout London offers a brief glimpse into the making of the show.

If Cursed Child weren’t enough of a reason to get to London, Lily James and Richard Madden have reunited with their Cinderella director, and Shakespeare pro, Kenneth Branagh for a new production of Romeo and Juliet. Set in 1950s Italy, it’s on now at the Garrick Theatre. Read Michael Billington’s review for The Guardian.

Also in London, the Donmar Warehouse is temporarily expanding to host a series of three Shakespeare plays starring all-female casts. Mark Brown explores the venture for The Guardian.

In other news…

  • Playbill also published an insightful, eye-opening interview with the legendary Broadway sound designer Abe Jacob about the art of sound design: why it’s important, how it affects a show,  and why sound designers deserve to have their Tony category reinstated.
Hannah Antaki

Hannah Antaki

Hannah works in casting, the only profession that allows her to truthfully use work as an excuse to stay home and watch TV. A dropout of both preschool and law school, she loves Montreal bagels, Harry Potter, and conversations about diversity. Her diet starts tomorrow.



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