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The Flip Side: Brexit Sucks for the Arts, Too

/By / Jun 26, 2016

It happened. The UK is leaving the EU. Britain has left the building.

I lived in England a few years. I love that country; I have a strong connection to it and would go so far as to say I consider it a second home. So naturally I was waiting on the results of last Thursday’s referendum with bated breath. But, as a native Quebecer, I admit I had an underlying confidence that no matter how close the vote, the majority would vote to remain.


There is a lot to be said for how this decision will affect economic policy, immigration, and trade, but today I thought I’d explore how it might affect the arts. And by explore I mean I will direct you to articles written by other, harder-working individuals who have done the research themselves.

  • Also, there is apparently a “Brexit-inspired revival of Cymbeline.” I’d suggest getting tickets now if you’re interested. The exchange rate is great these days.

In other, non-Brexit–related news…

  • Speaking of the great Meryl, a young writer/actress in Australia has created a show, and a lovely homage, to the three-time Oscar winner. I See Me and Meryl Streep is being performed at the Melbourne Cabaret Festival
  • In New York, Replay Theatre Company just opened Babble, a theatre experience specifically for babies. Audiences gave the show five stars. That is, I think they would if the audiences knew what stars were and/or could speak, write, or communicate their thoughts in any way

Finally, I’d like to revisit last week’s column and the theatre community’s response to the Orlando shooting.

  • First, read the first sentence of this article. Reflect on how much you’ll miss Obama. And then read the rest.
  • Second, watch this video. Listen to these Broadway greats come together to support the LGBTQ community. And, if you can, download the single to contribute to the LGBT Center of Central Florida
Hannah Antaki

Hannah Antaki

Hannah works in casting, the only profession that allows her to truthfully use work as an excuse to stay home and watch TV. A dropout of both preschool and law school, she loves Montreal bagels, Harry Potter, and conversations about diversity. Her diet starts tomorrow.



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