Stage Door Confessional: Usher Stories

In the season finale of season 1 of Stage Door Confessional, we hear crazy, frustrating, and funny stories from people who have worked in patron services.

Have you missed earlier episodes of Stage Door Confessional episodes? Click the links below to listen.

In episode 1, Kaylee Harwood, Andrew Lawrie, and Tess Benger tell stories about being understudies.

In episode 2, Stevie Joffe, Alex Furber, and Harriet Gratian talk about unpredictable moments they’ve faced during performances

In episode 3, Alex Furber, Jonas Widdifield, and Jacob James talk about awkward moments—involving beer, pot, blood, and more.

In episode 4, Andrew Lawrie, Jessica McGann, Harriet Gratian, and Alex Furber talk about the moments things go awry, including both pants and puppets falling apart.

In episode 5, Stevie Joffe, Kaylee Harwood, and Jacob James talk about the moments they’ve crossed paths with their inspirations.

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