Question: What Do You Imagine a Woman Thinks about When She Thinks about Sex with Men?

Manwatching, in Toronto from the Royal Court Theatre in London, is a show about what one woman thinks when she thinks about sex with men. Its written by an anonymous woman and performed by an unprepared man—in this case, some of Canadas top comedians. In the spirit of the production, we asked three of them what they think women think about when they think about sex with men. 

Question: What do you imagine a woman thinks about when she thinks about sex with men?

NILE SÉGUIN, Unprepared Man 1

What do I think women think about when they think about sex with men? Like right now? Probably a pretty mixed bag, to be honest. I imagine they see sex with men kind of like getting that latte you really enjoy from that coffee shop that you KNOW might not be fair trade and does terrible things to get their beans… and also some of the beans might be psychopaths. Okay, that metaphor fell apart, but you know what I mean. It’s gotta be hard right now to think about men and sex… or maybe it’s always been and men are just learning about it now? Oof. I need a nap.

FAISAL BUTT, Unprepared Man 2

My first response is “I don’t know” and at the risk of oversimplifying it I would say she is thinking about “location, location, location.” Maybe asking, “Will he find my g-spot?” 

COLIN MOCHRIE, Unprepared Man 3

I’d like to believe that when women are making love to men, they are thinking of me. I have nothing to base that on, except for ego. I’m sure that women and men don’t differ that much in their thoughts during lovemaking. From worrying about how your naked bits look, to fantasizing about someone else, to making lists or just enjoying, the thoughts are as varied as the act itself. I constantly think about cramping.

Manwatching runs every Friday and Saturday until December 16 at Tarragon Theatre.

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