What Moment in Your Life Would You Like to Redo?

Idomeneus Chorus. Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann

In the text of Roland Schimmelpfennig’s Idomeneus, the chorus wants to redo moments from their past—not because they screwed up or because they want to relive something epic, but because they want to figure out what actually happened, to get the facts straight. Four of the cast and creative team members of the play’s production at Soulpepper reflect on moments they have personally wanted to do over.

Question: What moment in your life would you like to redo?


The time I asked a co-worker if she was pregnant! I had not seen her in a while and to me it looked like she had gained weight in a specific area, so I just asked her… turns out she was not. Needless to say, things were weird between us after that.


I was on heavy medication recovering from major surgery, and my husband was shooting out of town. We needed groceries, and I decided I was fine to go to the store, so I jumped in his car. It was a little green Mercedes, which he loved—the only car he’s ever had an attachment to. As I was backing into a parking space, I put my foot on the gas instead of the brake. It was like slow motion as I went right through the plate glass window of a Joe Fresh. God bless my husband, all he cared about was if I was safe!

GILLIAN GALLOW, Costume Designer

Life is full of moments I wish I could redo. This isn’t to say I live with regret, I just know I’ve walked away from many situations wondering if I said the wrong thing or could have done better. And I’m sure when I read this I will wish I wrote something different…

Frank Cox-O’Connell, Chorus

There’s wanting to redo something because of regret—I screwed up and I want to make things right—but I don’t think I have too many of those. Then there is wanting to redo something because it was important and didn’t realize at the time that it was fleeting. That feels like a different kind of regret and very familiar. Like I wish I could redo playing Hamlet or playing the finals of a hockey game when I was ten, or hanging out with my friends when I was twenty. Not because I want to fix something, but because those were great experiences that I didn’t clock as great at the time.

Idomeneus runs until March 24 at Soulpepper.

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