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Learning Lines, Dental Care, and an Italian Contest

Philip Riccio and I have had an ongoing I Am Way More Italian Than You Contest, basically since we met, which we take quite seriously.

By Tony Nappo / Jan 29, 2019

What I Wish I’d Known: Michael Healey

I was a better artist once I got on the drugs and the chat.

By Graham Isador / Jan 18, 2019
iPhoto caption: Photo of ATP Production of 1979 by Benjamin Laird Arts Photography

Show Announcement: 1979 by Michael Healey

The Toronto premiere of Michael Healey’s political comedy 1979 has been announced.

By Bailey Green / Oct 15, 2018

Hot Off the Press: 1979

1979 is a fast-paced political comedy from Michael Healey, which examines the space between ideals and political reality during a monumental moment in Prime Minister Joe Clark’s career.

Apr 5, 2017