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Andrea Lundy

iPhoto caption: Fringe Hub 2014. Photo by Brian Batista Bettencourt.

Fringe: Memories of a Long-Time Volunteer

What follows are my memories, my perspectives, and my recollections of my Fringe experiences, and thus may contain but are not limited to accurate depictions.

By Barbara Fingerote / Jul 8, 2020

Announcement: 39th Annual Dora Mavor Moore Awards

TAPA has announced the date and host for the 2018 Dora Mavor Moore Awards.

Mar 27, 2018
iPhoto caption: Leah Fong and Michelle Rambharose in Instant. Photo by Andrée Lanthier

Review: Instant

Shields does not present the stories in her play as clichés or provide easy solutions.

By Lynn Slotkin / Dec 5, 2017