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Dying Wrong, Dying Redundantly, and Dying for a Manicure

Andrew Scheer has revealed himself, throughout this entire pandemic, to be a truly rare anomaly: a douche that actually makes things smell worse.

By Tony Nappo / Apr 28, 2020

Porn, Pudding Cups, and Some Good Fucking Poems

Asking for a loyal reader. Is there ANOTHER internet somewhere with more porn on it?

By Tony Nappo / Apr 21, 2020

Navigating Art and Censorship

"Where do you as an audience member, where do any of us place our faith?"

By Rachel Chen / Mar 8, 2019

The Problem With “The Show Must Go On”

When I reflect on the number of artists I know who suffer from mental health issues, and the unique stressors that come with our profession, the resources available to us and the awareness we have about public services feel meagre and insufficient.

By Nathan Carroll / May 11, 2018