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Theatre Audiences, Springtime, and Ron White

Ron White was fiercely unapologetic about owning the space around him.

By Tony Nappo / Apr 10, 2018

Sitting in the Dark

The pamphlet showed a young contemporary James Dean–style figure, leaning on a wall in a cool, loitering pose next to an electric guitar. It read: “Christ Embassy Church: God believes in YOU!”

By Will Greenblatt, Illustration By Kris Noelle / Feb 24, 2017

Being Short, Pre-Show Rituals, and Family Guy

Sometimes people say that I am impatient. And it takes them fucking foreeeeeeeeeeeever to say it.

By Tony Nappo / Feb 14, 2017
Illustration by Charles Dana Gibson / CC BY 2.0" data-tippy-arrow="false" tabindex="0">iPhoto caption: Illustration by Charles Dana Gibson / CC BY 2.0

Bursting the Bubble: On Audience Behaviour

There was one distinct audience member who acted out of line. He behaved like a boor, announcing in full voice, non-stop, how bored he was.

By David Ferry / Jan 12, 2017