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iPhoto caption: "Have You Figured Yourself Out?" by Li Wan (Wuhan, China)

In Conversation: Nick Green on The Social Distancing Festival

We aren’t trying simply to shift art that is meant to be experienced live to carbon copies online. Online collaborations that produce work that is meant to be experienced online can continue along with attending concerts at the concert hall.

By Stephen Low / Sep 25, 2020

“The Focus is on Phoebe”: Bringing NT Live’s Fleabag to the Big Screen

It's the beginning of the end for Fleabag. But National Theatre Live, in partnership with Cineplex Odeon, is helping Canadians take part in the production's final moments as they happen in the UK.

By Christine H. Tran / Sep 10, 2019

The Flip Side: Cursed Children and Lucky Londoners

In one week, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will begin previews, enriching the lives of Harry Potter fans, human beings in general, and the English-language theatre canon.

By Hannah Antaki / May 31, 2016