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iPhoto caption: Jewelle Blackman as Fate in Hadestown.

As If By Fate: Returning to Hell and Re-Opening Hadestown

Broadway actor Jewelle Blackman reflects on the strange and sentimental reality of returning to Hadestown after the pandemic.

By Jewelle Blackman / Nov 18, 2021

Marijuana Legalization, Peoplekind, and Fifty Shades Freed

This is maybe the first week ever that I was glad to be me and not Justin Timberlake.

By Tony Nappo / Feb 13, 2018

Rules for Teenagers, Famous House Painters, and Why You Should See Shows

What if I had stopped people from seeing a phenomenal piece of theatre because I was tired and not in the right frame of mind to receive it?

By Tony Nappo / Nov 21, 2017

My Net Worth, Virgin Radio, and “Canadian” Theatre

Every show we make in Canada ends up being Canadian.

By Tony Nappo / Oct 31, 2017