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iPhoto caption: "Have You Figured Yourself Out?" by Li Wan (Wuhan, China)

In Conversation: Nick Green on The Social Distancing Festival

We aren’t trying simply to shift art that is meant to be experienced live to carbon copies online. Online collaborations that produce work that is meant to be experienced online can continue along with attending concerts at the concert hall.

By Stephen Low / Sep 25, 2020

Art Performed: Canadian Stage’s 19.20 Season

Canadian Stage announced their 19.20 season.

By Bailey Green / Mar 20, 2019

The Flip Side: Shakespeare Turns 400!

How many people have had such an impact? Michelangelo, whoever wrote the Kama Sutra, Jesus maybe… Overall, not many people reach the 400-year milestone.

By Hannah Antaki / Apr 19, 2016