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iPhoto caption: (Left to right) actor Donna Ng, technical designer Wil Knoll and director Mike Czuba during a performance of Like Tom Cruz Loves Running. Photo by Tim Nguyen.

A (sort of) Manifesto: Running Between Theatre and Film, Reimagining the Live Experience

Most artists can take a tiny budget and produce magic. We’re constantly creating new worlds, images and stories with nothing but shoestrings and determination. That is both our superpower and...

By Mike Czuba / Jan 12, 2021
iPhoto caption: James McAvoy in Cyrano de Bergerac. Photo by Marc Brenner.

Stage and Screen Collide with Cineplex Events’ Stage Series

Cineplex's Stage Series is making it easy to see world-class theatre, like National Theatre Live and Stratford on Screen productions, across Canada.

By Jordy Kieto / Mar 13, 2020