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indie theatre

Toronto Fringe Scores Over $500,000 in Ticket Sales

The 2023 Toronto Fringe Festival was an immense success, seeing more than 100 shows playing in 16 venues over 12 days.

By Jessica Watson / Jul 19, 2023

Tips for Making Better Zoom Theatre: Part 2, The Nitty Gritty

We’ve been privileged enough to witness the birth of a brand-new artform: live digital performance. This art form can only grow and improve as the digital tools to share it grow more powerful.

By Neil Silcox / Apr 21, 2021

Tips for Making Better Zoom Theatre: Part 1, The Big Picture

I want to be clear here: I’m not trying to echo that theatre-bro you went to school with who kept posting about how Shakespeare wrote 31 plays and 80 sonnets during the plague of London.

By Neil Silcox / Apr 14, 2021

Sexual Misconduct, Accidental Art, and Cool Hand(job) Luke

Saw Hannah Moscovitch’s Sexual Misconduct of the Middle Classes at the Tarragon last week, and do you know what thought never went through my head while I was watching the show?

By Tony Nappo / Jan 14, 2020