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Heart Attacks, TV Shows, and the New CAA Theatre

I finally quit my job as a male stripper. I just got sick of making the bear minimum.

By Tony Nappo / Dec 5, 2017

The Anti-Niqab Law, Kegel Exercises, and Character Breakdowns

I put myself on a Kegel exercise regime for the last month to tighten shit up down there.

By Tony Nappo / Oct 24, 2017

Bad Blood Reviews, Porter Flights, and North Bay Christmases

When the film Angel Falls wraps this month, there will have officially been more Christmas movies filmed in North Bay than they have had actual Christmases.

By Tony Nappo / Sep 26, 2017

Charlottesville, My Circumcision, and Taste of the Danforth

I find the 1979 Steve Martin classic comedy The Jerk is one of those movies that really stands the test of time... provided you stopped watching it in 1982.

By Tony Nappo / Aug 15, 2017