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Justin Trudeau

Taking a Victory Lap, Taking Terrence McNally, and Taking the Cart Back

Andrew Scheer is considering kicking Doug Ford out of the Progressive Conservative Party altogether if he doesn’t stop helping people.

By Tony Nappo / Mar 31, 2020

John Cena, Climate Change, and A New Dating App

I just joined a new dating app for egomaniacs and narcissists. It’s for people who don’t actually want to date but really really crave the attention of others.

By Tony Nappo / Oct 1, 2019

LA, Traffic, and Trudeau

There are times in life to speak and times to listen. I’m listening right now. I want to learn and grow and be better every day.

By Tony Nappo / Sep 24, 2019

Plastic Straw Bans, Skeptical Phone Apps, and Never-to-Be-Written Screenplays

  • I think it really says something that when people use the phrase the real world, nine times out of ten, the connotations are negative.

By Tony Nappo / Jun 18, 2019