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Kelly Thornton

iPhoto caption: Illustration by Charlotte Smith.

Painting A Picture About Feminist Theatre

What is feminist theatre? Who is it for? Is it for everybody? And what does feminist theatre look like today, in Canada? I needed to wrap my head around all of these questions. To do so, I decided to go straight to the source and sit down with some female theatre artists.

By Alisha Grech / Nov 28, 2019
iPhoto caption: Photo by John Lauener

Season Announcement: Nightwood Theatre

“Our 40th season is an array of work that grapples with our collective history, cautions us on the precarity of our present, and calls us to action for our future,” says  Artistic Director Kelly Thornton.

By Dylan Coutts / Apr 26, 2019

Italy, Thanksgiving, and Prince’s Acting Class

My cousin Tomasso said to me, while I was visiting his beautiful home in Italy, “mi casa et su casa,” so I sold it.

By Tony Nappo / Oct 9, 2018
iPhoto caption: Mary Francis Moore and Raïs Muoi in Refuge. Photo by John Lauener.

The Role of the Actorvist

I feel the need to respond to the urgency of humanitarian issues. But a friend recently cut ties with me after I expressed what I call "front-line activist fatigue."

By Raïs Muoi / May 5, 2016