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The Greatest Showmance

“Showmance” is not a real word; it was invented by people in the acting industry. For those of you not familiar with the term, this is how Steffi DiDomenicantonio’s dictionary defines the word: two co-stars are working together in a show and are playing love interests. Time passes and the onstage feelings get confused for real-life feelings.

By Steffi DiDomenicantonio / Aug 1, 2019
iPhoto caption: Rose Tuong in LULU v.7. Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh

7 Things You Might Become in Love

I’ll never be finished learning about love because it isn’t one sole feeling; it is complex, capable of carrying contradiction.

By Susanna Fournier / May 7, 2018

Super Bowl Halftime Show, the Canadian Anthem, and Nappo Slippers

Choosing to get your climate information from Don Cherry makes as much sense as choosing to get dating advice from Harvey Weinstein.

By Tony Nappo / Feb 6, 2018
iPhoto caption: Kevin Drew, right, with Ben Kowalewicz in A&R Angels. Photo by Dahlia Katz.

In Conversation: Kevin Drew

"This is all I know. I’m not a lawyer, I’m not a doctor, I’m not a soldier. If the war comes, I'm fucked."

Interview by Maija Kappler / Nov 24, 2017