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iPhoto caption: Photo by Joey Senft

Space Girl marks 14th digital presentation for Prairie Theatre Exchange

Winnipeg’s Prairie Theatre Exchange continues its commitment to producing digital theatre with its new filmed version of Frances Koncan’s Space Girl.

By Liam Donovan / Jan 10, 2024

Frances Koncan’s Space Girl streams through Prairie Theatre Exchange in January

A new digital film of Frances Koncan’s play Space Girl will stream through Prairie Theatre Exchange (PTE) in January.

By Aisling Murphy / Dec 27, 2023

Escape to Manitoba: Addiction, Mental Health, and Healing

At the height of my mental health and addiction morass, I was lauded. I produced one of the most successful seasons at Buddies which was nominated for multiple Dora Awards. 

By Jim LeFrancois / Oct 16, 2018

Emerging Across Canada: The West

Applying for grants, moving forward, all the while writing through consistent doubts: is what I have good enough? Have I made the right choices?

By Liam Salmon / Oct 12, 2018