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Martin Julien

REVIEW: The Man That Got Away (A Special Appearance) at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

So, who is this man who got away, anyhow?

By Aisling Murphy / Dec 22, 2022

Embracing Our Ghosts: In Conversation with Martin Julien & Monice Peter

"There is a gap between the pre-AIDs semi-closeted gay culture, the post-AIDs LGBQT+ culture, and the rise of identity politics. I thought, I have something to say about this!"

By Stephen Low / Dec 10, 2022

Renting Cars, Remembering Manson, and Knowing Your Worth

To me, a Leaf Fan cheering for the Habs is like someone cheating on a spouse or partner with their spouse or partner’s least favourite sibling.

By Tony Nappo / Jul 6, 2021

Quitters, April Fool’s, and Theatre Passe Muraille’s History

It was World Theatre Day last Thursday, in case you missed it. In equally relevant world news, it was recycling day on my street last Tuesday, in case you missed it.

By Tony Nappo / Apr 2, 2019