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What Dance Can Learn From Theatre

There is a way to use theatrical methods to push dance practice forward, to create the change that must occur for workplace misconduct to subside.

By Martin Austin / Apr 19, 2022

Spotlight: Ellie Moon

“What I see in her writing is a tremendous amount of character detail and an ability to create characters that contain contradictions, who are very much sitting inside the oppositions that exist within them. That to me is a real sign of a great writer, like a Chekhov.”

Written by Carly Maga, Photography by Dahlia Katz / Feb 1, 2020

The Selfie, Giving Discounts, and Candy

Please God, if there absolutely has to be a game seven, let the power in all of Toronto go out at the beginning of the third period.

By Tony Nappo / Apr 23, 2019

Beyond the Baby Blues

Speaking about postpartum without judgement is key to continuing the conversation and breaking the taboo.

By Lisa Ryder, as told to Bailey Green / Mar 14, 2019