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Cheap Head, Good Art, and “Me Time” for Men

How is a lockdown like a penis?

By Tony Nappo / Dec 1, 2020

Refereeing, Choreography, and Being 52

When I started seeing Sean Connery’s name pop up in my newsfeed Saturday. I thought, “Oh, fuck, no. Don’t tell me he is endorsing Trump now, too.”

By Tony Nappo / Nov 3, 2020

We Play All Day

Part of the struggle of being an artist is finding part-time employment that complements an erratic schedule.

By Thalia Kane / Dec 1, 2016

Backwards and Forwards

“Wow! I just LOVE writing! I’m not crying at all!” I say, writing glorious draft after glorious draft. Or at least, this is how I feel my life should be, while in reality I’m crying in the bath at 6 p.m. on a Tuesday.

By Rhiannon Collett / Oct 27, 2016