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multidisciplinary artists

Re-Discovering Wonder: In Conversation with Fiona Sauder & Matt Pilipiak

There are children who are going to leave this show and realize that all you need to shrink or grow are a couple of chairs.

By Jessica Watson / Dec 9, 2022

REVIEW: Broken Shapes at the Theatre Centre/Broken Shapes Collective

A compact and artistry-laden exploration of themes that, despite plenty of abstract movement and projections, translate beautifully to the stage.

By Jessica Watson / Dec 4, 2022
Three musicians stand on stage, passionately performing a musical number. One holds a microphone, singing, another plucks a stand-up bass, and the third is leaning back, clutching his chest as he sings to the sky. Behind them is a projected backdrop of overlapping blue and purple circles, creating an ethereal effect. The image is set on top of a larger but fainter version of the same image, creating dynamic layers. iPhoto caption: (left to right) Divine Brown, Travis Knights and Beau Dixon perform as part of the new Slaight Music Associates.

REVIEW: The Golden Record at Soulpepper

Whether you’re a history lover, a music enthusiast or a theatre nut, The Golden Record will transport you to another planet.

By Jessica Watson / Nov 14, 2022
iPhoto caption: Toronto actor/director/producer/writer Leighton Alexander Williams. Original photo by Lane Dorsey; edited by Jessica Watson

A Path in the Right Direction: Stepping into New Shoes as a Multifaceted Artist

At the time, the title of “Director” terrified me for many reasons—I knew that it required a lot of work to lead a production, but I wasn’t really sure what the job requirements were, especially when pulling double-duty as an actor and director.

By Leighton Alexander Williams / Mar 18, 2021