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Raging Bull

Daylight Saving Time, Facebook Debates, and Ron Sexsmith Drops By

I am really feeling that hour I lost this week. Not because of Daylight Saving. But because I accidentally watched an entire episode of Riverdale.

By Tony Nappo / Mar 12, 2019

The Tony Awards, Dufferin Mall, and a Don Cherry Fringe Show

Whenever I write Dufferin Mall without capitalizing it, autocorrect turns it into “suffering” mall. Autocorrect has never been more bang-the-fuck-on.

By Tony Nappo / Jun 13, 2017

News Headlines, “Sunshine Boy” Ennis Esmer, and Moonlight

We had a different name for Black Friday when I was growing up in Scarborough. We called it Friday.

By Tony Nappo / Nov 30, 2016