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Rhubarb Festival

Decay and Regeneration: Re-Framing the Rhubarb Festival

"I’m actively and intentionally shifting away from well-made plays and trying to hone Rhubarb as a space for experimental practices," said Clayton Lee, Rhubarb's 2022 Festival Director.

By Chris Dupuis / Feb 4, 2022

A Risk on Paper: Re-writing Theatre at Home

"It's the perfect time to try something. It's the perfect time to take a risk."

By Mae Smith / Feb 15, 2021

From Riotous Roots: Looking to the Future of the Rhubarb Festival

Mel Hague speaks about her tenure, the future of the fest, and becoming a Google-searchable queer.

By Chris Dupuis / Feb 11, 2019

Openings & Closings – Week of February 20

These are the shows that are opening and closing in Toronto the week of February 20, 2017.

Feb 20, 2017