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rouvan silogix

iPhoto caption: Photo by Dahlia Katz.

REVIEW: No Save Points at Outside the March/Starvox Entertainment/Modern Times Stage Company

For both audience and actor, No Save Points is a gloriously playful theatrical event.

By Liam Donovan / Jun 18, 2023

REVIEW: Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo at Crow’s/Modern Times Stage Company

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo critiques the Iraq war with a hearty dose of fatalistic humour and linguistic allure.

By Aisling Murphy / Oct 19, 2022

Scorsese, Dentists, and Dying Alone

If waving a Fuck Trudeau flag is a legit way to get a meeting with him, I’m gonna start waving my Fuck Scorsese flag wherever I go and keep my fingers crossed.

By Tony Nappo / Feb 15, 2022

Rouvan Silogix Named Artistic Director of Modern Times Stage Company

Modern Times Stage Company in Toronto has announced that Rouvan Silogix will replace Soheil Parsa as Artistic Director.

By Aisling Murphy / Feb 8, 2022