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space girl

iPhoto caption: Photo by Joey Senft

Space Girl marks 14th digital presentation for Prairie Theatre Exchange

Winnipeg’s Prairie Theatre Exchange continues its commitment to producing digital theatre with its new filmed version of Frances Koncan’s Space Girl.

By Liam Donovan / Jan 10, 2024
iPhoto caption: Production photo by Joey Senft.

An intergalactic influencer tackles colonization in Space Girl at Prairie Theatre Exchange

Space Girl explores the concept of social media and the power it holds — a topic deeply important to playwright Frances Koncan.

By Mira Miller / Jan 4, 2024

Frances Koncan’s Space Girl streams through Prairie Theatre Exchange in January

A new digital film of Frances Koncan’s play Space Girl will stream through Prairie Theatre Exchange (PTE) in January.

By Aisling Murphy / Dec 27, 2023