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iPhoto caption: Troy Adams image courtesy of Tarragon Theatre.

The Legend of Daddy Hall makes music from an epic life and a neglected history

Come Home — The Legend of Daddy Hall, written by Audrey Dwyer and staged by Tarragon artistic director Mike Payette, pays tribute to the extraordinary life of John “Daddy” Hall.

By Nathaniel Hanula-James / May 10, 2024
iPhoto caption: Tarragon Theatre. Photo by Peter Harte

Tarragon Theatre announces exhilarating 24-25 season

Tarragon Theatre has announced its 53rd season, brimming with local premieres, new plays, and exciting co-productions.

By Aisling Murphy / Apr 18, 2024

REVIEW: Tarragon’s El Terremoto offers a delicate look at a family navigating disaster

Playwright Christine Quintana’s attention to character sets El Terremoto apart.

By Liam Donovan / Apr 10, 2024

REVIEW: Guilt sends Diane Flacks on an odyssey of culpability 

There’s lots of great stuff going on in Guilt — but much of the heart of the play lies just below the surface of the sand onstage.

By Aisling Murphy / Feb 23, 2024