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theatre criticism

iPhoto caption: Image by Haley Sarfeld.

Every play is fantastic: A small-city theatre critic’s manifesto

My top priority as a critic will be to furnish every marketing team with as many easily quotable compliments as possible. I'll do this dutifully and without ambivalence.

By Haley Sarfeld / Mar 29, 2024

Enter Stage Right: The Future of Intermission Magazine

Hello from the new leadership team of Intermission Magazine!

By Karen Fricker, , Suzanne Cheriton / Jul 24, 2023

We Hired an AI Theatre Critic

We hired an AI theatre critic. Her breath is immaculate. She’s not once crammed a sandwich down her throat on the walk to the theatre, savouring the onions, the oil. She’s never been bloated, and she’s never, ever, been the monster to blame for a mid-play fart.

By Aisling Murphy / Jun 25, 2023

Sarah Kane Made Me Want to Be a Theatre Critic. I Am One. Now What?

You’re a bridge between the art and its contemporary audience, and you have a job to do. You have obligations — to the artists, of course, always, but to the audiences, too.

By Aisling Murphy / Feb 20, 2023