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This Is Us

Birthday Fundraisers, Trigger Warnings, and Boring Scandals

By seeing one single commercial for it, I already know that a better name for that new show A Million Little Things would be This Is Us Trying To Out This Is Us This Is Us.

By Tony Nappo / Oct 8, 2019

Marijuana Legalization, Peoplekind, and Fifty Shades Freed

This is maybe the first week ever that I was glad to be me and not Justin Timberlake.

By Tony Nappo / Feb 13, 2018

Heart Attacks, TV Shows, and the New CAA Theatre

I finally quit my job as a male stripper. I just got sick of making the bear minimum.

By Tony Nappo / Dec 5, 2017

My Net Worth, Virgin Radio, and “Canadian” Theatre

Every show we make in Canada ends up being Canadian.

By Tony Nappo / Oct 31, 2017