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Matt Buechele on His Pitch Perfect Musical Parodies

We can all share in the secret language of our fandom.

By Graham Isador / Jan 25, 2019

Auditions, The Beatles, and Chinatown

Public Service Announcement- if you can't fucking drive a car in the same lane that has cyclists in it, don't fucking get into a lane that has cyclists in it.

By Tony Nappo / Sep 18, 2018

Practical Tips for Lazy Actors, Mike Pence, and Sudbury Graffiti

Try not to ever be one of those actors you see at auditions who say it’s all just a lottery that anyone can win.

By Tony Nappo / Nov 23, 2016

The SHOW SHOW: Ruth and Liz Hit a Dead End with Jonny Sun

Ruth and Liz interview Twitter celebrity and playwright Jonathan Sun (@jonnysun) about his play Dead End.

Created by Ruth Goodwin and Liz Johnston, Created by Jacqueline Andrade / Oct 18, 2016