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University of Toronto

Interdependent (And Published!) Magic: In Conversation with Jessica Watkin

This isn’t necessarily an anthology you can bring into a classroom to read together. It’s not Hamlet, and it’s not George F. Walker.

By Aisling Murphy / Apr 14, 2022

Sarah Kane’s Been Dead For 23 Years. I Still Don’t Know How to Thank Her.

My letters to you are a once-a-year digestif, an acknowledgment of gratitude, of lineage, of love.

By Aisling Murphy / Feb 21, 2022
iPhoto caption: Max, Thomas (Production Manager), and Malcolm (Sound Designer) in rehearsal for The Hands of Hypatia. (Photo by Ness DeVos)

The Other Pocket: The Origins of The Hands of Hypatia

Ever since I was young, when I’ve felt overwhelmed by the perils of day-to-day life, I’ve imagined myself as a spaceman in my own ship.  I drift through the cosmos and land on a bioluminescent planet whose only source of light comes from the natural vegetation.  There I sit and look up at the stars.

By Max Ackerman / Feb 17, 2021
iPhoto caption: Fringe Hub 2014. Photo by Brian Batista Bettencourt.

Fringe: Memories of a Long-Time Volunteer

What follows are my memories, my perspectives, and my recollections of my Fringe experiences, and thus may contain but are not limited to accurate depictions.

By Barbara Fingerote / Jul 8, 2020