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Das Ding (The Thing) and German Theatre in Canada

/Video By / Apr 29, 2016

The play Das Ding (The Thing) tells the unlikely story of a piece of cotton that migrates across the world and observes how people experience, interact with, and misinterpret other cultures. The play itself has an origin of global transaction: It was written by German playwright Philipp Löhle, and when Canadian Stage produced it as part of their 2015–2016 season, translator Birgit Schreyer Duarte and director Ashlie Corcoran had to figure out how to make a German vision of an interconnected world translate to a Toronto stage. In early April, Löhle and Corcoran sat down with Canadian Stage’s artistic director Matthew Jocelyn at Toronto’s Goethe-Institut to talk globalization, the difference between German and Canadian audiences, and why we should all stop trying so hard to be liked.

Das Ding (The Thing) is playing at the Berkeley Street Upstairs Theatre until Sunday, May 1st.
Click here to buy tickets or for more information.

Jill Harper

Jill Harper

Jill is a Toronto-based theatre director with a film degree. She is the co-founder of Cue6 Theatre. She directs lots of indie shows, both for Cue6 and for other companies around town, but she still manages to find enough film work to subsidize her love of eating on a regular basis.



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