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Casting Announcement: Punk Rock

/ Jan 29, 2018

This spring, the Howland Company will be bringing the Toronto premiere of Punk Rock by English playwright Simon Stephens to Crow’s Theatre’s east-end arts hub Streetcar Crowsnest.

Punk Rock is a vicious and vulnerable journey to the teenager,” says director Gregory Prest, “It’s hormone-fuelled, momentary, embarrassing, privileged, giddy, and transformative.”

The eight-person ensemble will feature Howland Company members Cameron Laurie, Ruth Goodwin, James Graham, Hallie Seline, and Kristen Zaza, who will be joined by three other Toronto performers: Tim Dowler-Coltman, Andrew Pimento, and Sam Kalilieh.

Rounding out the creative team is lighting designer and Howland Company member Jareth Li, set and costume designer Nancy Anne Perrin, sound designer Andy Trithardt with music consulting by Cameron Laurie, and stage manager Hannah MacMillan.

Punk Rock runs March 29 to April 14 at Streetcar Crowsnest and is the first of two major Toronto premieres in the Howland Company’s 2018 season.

For more information and to secure your tickets, visit

Fun facts! The cast and creative team answer the question:

“What is your most awkward high school memory and what song would underscore it in a movie?

(And two of them have the same song!)

Cameron Laurie

William Carlisle

My parents left town the weekend of my eighteenth birthday. My attempt at having a low-key party evolved into hallway rumours that I was having a kegger. Lots of kids came. They were dicks. My house was trashed. After a lacklustre cleaning, my parents came home and my dad promptly asked, "Where's the bathroom door, Cam?" Someone ripped it off its hinges and hid it in a spare bedroom. Jason Biggs would play me in a teen movie cleaning montage with ”Popular” by Nada Surf underscoring.

Ruth Goodwin

Lilly Cahill

I accidentally kissed two boys on stage with aggressive tongue in our production of Footloose because I had absolutely no idea how kissing worked… or that there were varying degrees of it. My high school drama teacher had to inform me that the kissing was coming in ”too loud” through the microphones. Oh god, I still cringe to think of this. The underscoring song would be (as it was) Kenny Loggins' ”Footloose”.

James Graham

Bennett Francis

Definitely every school dance I ever attended. I had no confidence and mostly talked to my friends or leaned against a wall trying to muster up some courage. It rarely worked. The song would be ”Sway” by the Perishers from our high school's Romeo and Juliet.

Hallie Seline

Cissy Franks

What's more awkward than teenage romance?! My first real kiss was at a classic Much Music Video Dance (which is already uncomfortable enough), and friends circled around to witness THE MOST ROMANTIC MOMENT OF MY YOUNG LIFE: an awkward attempt at a first kiss while Eminem's ”The Way I Am” music video played in the background. Naturally, ”The Way I Am” would underscore and swell as the romance overwhelmed all movie viewers.

Tim Dowler-Coltman

Nicholas Chatman

In Grade 11 my mom had just become principal at the school I was at. Her voice rang over the intercom one morning calling me to the office (I had been lazy with some English assignment and my teacher reported that I copy-wrote the whole thing… not the same as selective copy and paste). I still cringe to this day thinking of my mom sounding nothing like my mom as she reprimanded me from her principal position. The slow-motion walk to the office would be underscored by ”Beware Of Darkness” by George Harrison.

Kristen Zaza

Tanya Gleason

First day at my new high school, my pants were too loose and started falling down in a drama class group warm-up. I was unaware, and my butt was exposed for, like, fifteen minutes. If it were a movie, the scene would be in slow-motion set to Carmina Burana and Carl Orff's ”O Fortuna”.

Andrew Pimento

Chadwick Meade

I played Snoopy in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown in Grade 11. We were performing a matinee for an audience of elementary school kids and I was singing a solo that required dancing. PLOT TWIST: I had pneumonia (but of course, the show must go on). All I could think was: just get through it, just get though it… There was this one kid in the front row, sitting with his hands covering his ears, with an expression on his face like he was in hell. In a movie it would probably be followed by something ridiculous like ”I'm Just a Kid” by Simple Plan.

Sam Kalilieh

Dr. Richard Harvey

My most awkward high school memory is getting a desk thrown at me by Mr. Hogan, my history teacher. It would be underscored with ”Street Spirit” by Radiohead.

Gregory Prest


Every day of high school was an awkward hell. It would constantly be underscored by Carmina Burana and Carl Orff's ”O Fortuna”.


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