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John Mulaney, Getting Old, and Serious Concerns

I don't have answers. Just a lot of serious fucking concerns.

By Tony Nappo / Sep 28, 2021
iPhoto caption: Kamino as Mrs. Pong in the Primary English Class (1978) and Queenie in Bachelor Man (1986).

Views from the Stage: It Ironically Looks Like Real Life

Theatre artist Brenda Kamino reminisces on her career and her success as an advocate for Non Traditional Casting in this special edition Artist Perspective for the 2021 Toronto Fringe.

By Brenda Kamino / Jul 24, 2021

Budgeting Miracles, Bad COVID Fringe Shows, and Tony’s New Porno

I was researching the story of the miracle of the oil that was used to light the Temple because I’d never actually known it.

By Tony Nappo / Dec 15, 2020

Phase Three, Good Philosophy, and Phallic Portraits

What’s the difference between a Canadian actor and a Canadian Sex worker?

By Tony Nappo / Sep 1, 2020