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Andrew Moodie

REVIEW: Lesson in Forgetting at Pleiades Theatre

With winning actors at its helm and a story dripping with sadness, I wish Lesson in Forgetting had more chances to pack its emotional punches.

By Aisling Murphy / May 19, 2022

Shit Holes, Buckets of Shit, and Piece of Shit Racist MPs

Every day my parents watch Tim & Sid, two guys who have a show where they talk about professional sports. My parents watch them EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even though there have been no professional sports FOR THREE FUCKING MONTHS!!!!

By Tony Nappo / Jun 23, 2020

Oscar Predictions, Dog Trainers, and Franco Boni

I tried to watch the first few episodes of Russian Doll but was distracted by myself constantly yelling at the TV, "It’s Groundhog Day! You’re being Groundhog Day-ed!!! How the fuck could you not have seen Groundhog Day???”

By Tony Nappo / Mar 5, 2019