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Turning the Wheel: Leaving the Full-Time Theatre Life

Ali Joy Richardson is a writer, teacher, theatre director, and future therapist. She is also very tall.

By Ali Joy Richardson / Jan 13, 2021

Audition Accents, MacGyver, and The Facebook Gods

The success of Crow's Theatre’s excellent production of The Flick, clocking in at around three hours, provoked this next thought – I have never heard anyone ever say, about any show, in my entire life, NOT EVER – “I don’t think it was long enough.”

By Tony Nappo / Nov 12, 2019

Second Jobs, Straight Guys, and Some Stranger’s Urine

Sometimes when I’m reading the dumbest fucking things that are being passed off as arguments that there is no climate crisis, I think “How can people actually choose to believe this over science, just become somebody wrote it down and said it was true?”

By Tony Nappo / Nov 5, 2019

Striptease for Trees, #Wexit, and Drugs That Don’t Belong To You

The Leafs played so badly on Saturday night that they made Auston Matthews’ moustache look good.

By Tony Nappo / Oct 29, 2019