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Break Ups, Callbacks, and Ryan Gosling

Posting memes of someone else's quotes or ideas makes them yours as much as putting on a Jays shirt makes you Joe Carter.

By Tony Nappo / May 7, 2019

Hot Showers, Ryan Hollyman, and an Encounter on Christie Street

I was on hold for a Sleep Country Canada radio commercial but they didn’t hire me for the job so now I have roughly 637 and a half reasons to buy a mattress anywhere else.

By Tony Nappo / Mar 19, 2019

Mister Rogers, Fatherhood, and Melted Cheese

Last week I read for three different detective roles in the same project: Detective Lotsadays, Detective Fewerdays, and Detective Prollyjustafuckinday.

By Tony Nappo / Feb 12, 2019

The Gillette Ad, Tipping for Takeout, and Mary Oliver

The part I auditioned for last week was so small that I learned my lines for it while I was slating.

By Tony Nappo / Jan 22, 2019