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Evan Buliung

Italian Epics, Awkward Farts, and Apple Fritter Murder

I just thought of an amazing alternate name for all future Online Theatre Festivals. I would call them Watching TV.

By Tony Nappo / Jul 7, 2020

Preshow Announcements, Private Acting Coaching, and Election Facts

Many people have been inquiring lately about whether or not I do any private acting coaching. I do, but my rates are astronomical and you have to have won a minimum of three major acting awards.

By Tony Nappo / May 15, 2018

Belly Button Piercings, Dumb Joke of the Week, and George A. Romero

Doctor Who is now going to be played by a woman. Which I support entirely and fully. But that certainly doesn’t mean I’m going to start watching the fucking thing.

By Tony Nappo / Jul 18, 2017

Performing and Parenting: Richard Lee

"It's a struggle, sometimes, to be like, My wife is the consistent breadwinner in the family."

By Courtney Ch'ng Lancaster, Illustration by Kris Noelle / Aug 18, 2016